Essex Wedding Photographers Chris and Laura Bradshaw

We think love is incredible; the connection between 2 humans who can’t exist without each other is an amazing thing and we want to capture that for you.

Utilising contemporary, fine art, and photojournalistic styles we create long-lasting images of the most precious moments that occur during weddings.

We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible which allows us to fully capture your story as it happens.








The heart and soul of our business. Bernie doesn't compromise, whatever he says goes and when he says jump Chris & Laura say how high. His typical day to day invloves sleeping, playing, demanding whatever he wants and laying in the sun. His favourite pass times are obviously walkies and dinnertime.

Photographer, guitar player and lover of coffee. Chris is an artistic soul, previously a tortured and starving professional musician. He obtained a degree in graphic design and worked professionally for 15 years whilst starting to pursue photography full time. The transition was seamless and has now been a full time wedding photographer for numerous years. His favourite pass times are guitar nerdery, coffee nerdery and windy walks in forests.

Photographer, blogger and lover of cross stitch. Laura has a kind and humorous spirit with a huge heart and love of organisation. She has a degree in graphic media and has worked professionally in photography since 2005. She shot her first wedding at the tender age of 18 with her mum assisting (lol). She also runs a blog professionally and the website and podcast 'just bad luck'. Her favourite pass times include cross stitching anything she can and cosy, rainy Sunday afternoons.

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