Behind The Scenes 2022


As 2023 begins I thought it was about time to post another behind the scenes gallery.

Its given me the opportunity to reflect on what a crazy year it was for us. We shot a lot of weddings and all of them whilst Laura was pregnant. It unbelievable how well she coped with the extremely long days!

The long shot of Laura walking up the hill to the church at Boxted Hall is a testimony to how well she did and what an inspiration she is. She was still shooting all the way up to 8/9 months pregnant. I did a lot of bag carrying and the majority of the shooting in the afternoon/evening but her hard work is evident throughout this behind the scenes post.

We eventually asked Denny and Emma to come in to shoot in place of Laura after Elias was born. They both did an incredible job.

Much fun was had and we’re now looking forward to a busy and exciting 2023!